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3 reasons why an outdoor exercise class has superior health benefits.

Exercise and movement in nature has superior health benefits. Read on to find out why.

Here are three benefits of getting your sweat on with Mother Nature.

1. Enhanced mood.

We know that sometimes a change of scenery can be great for your mood, especially when you're stuck in the routine of mom life.Getting out the house sometimes feels like a mini vacay. Rather than wandering around Target, head to your local park. Moving outdoors has been shown to reduce anger and depression and improve mood. (ACE Fitness 2017)

2. Improved Self esteem.

Let's be real motherhood can take a knock to your self esteem. You body sometimes doesn't feel like it's your own anymore. Did you know that as little as five minutes of outdoor exercise can improve self-esteem. Being near water or greenery can increase this effect. (ACE Fitness 2017) Checkout some of our favorite local walking trails that boast both water and greenery HERE.

3. Improved Energy

Research suggests that outdoor exercise provides greater benefits than exercising indoors at the gym. One study found that exercising outdoors “was associated with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement, together with decreases in tension, anger and depression. (ACE Fitness 2016)

Considering all these benefits are you now looking for an outdoor workout near you? Checkout our classes all of which take place at local parks in Madison & Huntsville. Find a class HERE.