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9 Worries Every New Mom Has Before Her First Class

We know that trying something new can be daunting and kinda intimidating... add the bonus element of bringing your kid(s) along with you, and sometimes that anxiety reaches new heights.

Here are some of the top concerns we hear AND have experienced ourselves. Yeah that's right all our team members are moms, and while our kids are now 'seasoned workout buddies' they still like to keep us on our toes every once in a while ;). So we're here to help put your mind at rest so that you come try a class and don't waste another week wondering what could have been!

Class takes place during nap time.”

  • We get it, naptimes are sacred! Firstly, please remember that taking care of you is so important, and if that means a slight disruption to naptime. It's ok. Seriously, shed that mom guilt. Take it from me (I've been in your shoes), you and your kid(s) will benefit more from the friendships, endorphins, and getting out the house, than the extra nap time. So if you're open to giving an al fresco nap a go then try these tips. Bring your little one's special blanket, soother, or lovey and arrive to class a few minutes early. Unpack everything you need for class and go for a quick stroll before class starts. The fresh air and movement of the stroller usually sends little ones right off to sleep. From here you can join us at the meeting spot and let your baby snooze while you squat. Some of our moms have even brought a portable sound machine to class to help their little ones settle. If all else fails consider wearing a baby carrier, being close to mom will sometimes be just what baby needs to fall asleep. All our instructors can give modifications during class if you're baby-wearing.

“Will my baby be comfortable in these weather conditions

  • Whether it's a little chilly, or it's the summer humidity, we know that one of your top concerns is keeping your kid(s) comfortable. First off know that in cases of rain, high winds, or feels like temps below 45 and above 100 we move indoors. In warmer temperatures we will stick to the shade as much as possible during class, and find our tried and tested recommendations to beat the heat HERE.

What if my baby gets hungry during class/class is during mealtime?”

  • Easy – feed your baby during class. Typically there is a bench nearby, or you're welcome to roll out your yoga mat and take a seat to feed your little one. Even if you miss some of the workout it’s better than no workout at all. And you still got out of the house and got to meet other moms. Also, remember that you'll be surrounded by moms, so they get it. You do what you gotta do mama!
  • For older kids, we recommend bringing snacks or easy finger food that you can set on their snack tray.

My baby pooped in class, where can I change him/her?!”

  • Right where you are! No need to wait for the workout to end or begin, just take them out of the stroller, change that diaper like a boss, strap em’ back in, and get back to those squats.
  • Potty training your kid? Let's just say this...you won't be the first mom to bring a potty to class ;)

Are there bathrooms for mama.”

  • All our locations have a bathroom on site.

“Getting anywhere on time feels impossible, what if I’m late?”

  • First, find comfort in knowing you are not the first or the last Mom to not make it to class on time. Instructors will stay at the meeting point for 5-10 minutes for the welcome and warm-up. If you arrive after that look around for the group of moms with strollers. We won't have gone far. Plus, if you know you're running late, you can always reach out at 256-258-9422 and we can try to help locate the group for you, or tell you where to go when you arrive.

“I’m out of shape and everyone will be more fit than me. I’m worried the workout will be too hard.”

  • Our classes are for all fitness levels and all stages of motherhood. Instructors always provide a variety of options for moms who want to build up strength and endurance, or to honor how you're feeling that day...tired from your toddler's most recent sleep regression, we get it! We also offer modifications for all trimesters of pregnancy, diastasis recti, and other injuries.

What if my baby is fussy during class?”

  • Guess what? So are other people’s kids. Seriously! We've all been there. You’re in the company of kind and supportive moms who are always eager to help because they know exactly what you’re going through.
  • Plus, your instructor has tricks up her sleeves to keep your kiddo content and engaged during class. Think songs, bubbles, books, puppets, stickers, etc.
  • If all else fails consider wearing a baby carrier, being close to mom will sometimes be just what your little one needs to settle. All our instructors can give modifications (for front or back carrying) during class if you're baby-wearing.

“What if everyone knows each other and I feel awkward?”

  • We get it, making mom friends can be HARD. Top Tip: at the start of each class we kick off warmup with an icebreaker question. This is a great chance to learn other moms' names, and get the conversation flowing. If you're super anxious about meeting new faces, let your instructor know and she can pair you up with a veteran who can do the honor of introducing you to some of the other moms. Also trust us if you come to class and come often. You will find your tribe, I promise.

Moral of the story: The best way to take care of your family is to take care of yourself. And nothing should keep you from the opportunity to do something for you. Come try a class this week, click HERE to grab yourself a free class pass.