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April, Month of the Military Child: Meet Rockie

Rockie Price

April is the month of the military child. In this blog post, we introduce you to one of the moms in our community...Rockie. Rockie served in the Army for 8 years, comes from a military family, and moved every couple of years as a child. Here is her story.

Hey there, I'm Rockie Price. I’ve been around the military my whole life. I served in the Army for eight years. I was a Captain in the Army Reserves, with a couple of active duty periods throughout. I became an officer in the Army by way of a 4 year leadership program called ROTC at the University of Rhode Island. I also grew up in a military family. My father served for 23 years, my brother and sister are currently serving, as well as other family members...the Army is a big part of our family to say the least!

I’ve been out of the military for almost a year now, but I’ve noticed some lasting impacts the Army has left me with.

  1. Open invites & warm smiles go a long way! - Whether it be holidays, BBQ’s or just game night - when we meet someone new in town we always try to invite them to something. Putting yourself out there can sometimes takes courage, but it is usually met with gratitude. If you don’t have anything to invite them to, just smile and introduce yourself!
  2. Adventure awaits! - Honestly this may be our favorite thing about how often we move, but we love to explore new areas around us. Weekend trips, evening walks or finding local festivals/ markets.. everywhere we have lived has always had their unique take on things and it’s been fun to learn about new places.
  3. Hold your loved one close! - This one is not unique to the military (my husband works in construction & this can be applied to him as well). With a spouse or parent that works long hours, travels often, or has very busy seasons of work; it can feel like it is hard to have consistent quality time. It takes effort from both partners to be committed to the growth of the family. The hard part is, that sometimes the effort can look/ feel different... Especially if you are the partner at home with littles and pets. But at the end of the day, we are committed to LOVE and GROWTH with one another.

Huntsville is unique in the fact that we have a large population of military retirees and not a lot of active duty members. However, there are a lot of DOD employees and transplants that bring new people here for a short window.

If you know anyone in the military, if you yourself are in the military, or maybe you know someone who is new in town...I hope that the next time you see them you can think about a way to include or encourage them.

Hope to see you at some FIT4MOM workouts!! :)


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