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Chalk Art

Try this fun chalk art craft with your kid(s)

Do you remember those sand art sets from when you were a kid? The ones that came in a plastic suitcase shape and came with tiny packs of colored sand. And tiny plastic bottles in all different crazy shapes and sizes. No? Ok, maybe it's just me. I used to love those sets but I would also save them for a special occasion because once you used your sand, that was it. Insert chalk...and wait for it...salt! Stay with me for a moment. I promise it will take you back in time.


  • clear plastic or glass jar

  • salt

  • chalk

  • bowls (hard bowls work best, glass or plastic)

  • funnel (not necessary but it makes life easier)

Pick out the colors that you would like for your "sand" art. Then grab the chalk that matches and set those aside. Pour the salt into the bowls. Grab your chalk and use it as a spoon. Begin stirring the chalk into the bowl of salt as if you are stirring brownie batter. Put a little pressure into it and keep stirring until the salt is your desired color. Do this for each of the colors you have chosen. Once your salt is colored, you are ready to start pouring it into your jar to create your art. This is where the funnel comes in handy, as it makes it easier to pour without making a mess. Layer each of your colors until you have filled your jar to the very top. Seal the lid (a touch of hot glue would really help ensure you don't have salt spilled in your house). And display that beautiful sand art (high) on a shelf to admire and bring some nostalgia into your life. Added bonus, it's an inexpensive activity to do with your kids that also practices motor skills and creativity.

** Be sure not to shake your jar and disrupt those beautiful layers. **