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DIY Sensory Bin: Garden

Did you know that once a month our playgroup is sensory bin themed? Check out this article for a how-to guide on a garden-themed sensory bin.

A sensory bin is typically a plastic tub or container filled with materials and objects. Sensory bins provide children with the opportunity to explore and learn through hands-on tactile play that engages their senses. Try this garden-themed sensory bin.

What you'll need:

  • A container - We recommend a large shallow container. We use a container with dimensions approx: 29"W x 18"L x 6"H. The shallower container is great for little arms to reach over. Know that you can scale this down and use a take-out container, or shoe box.
  • Filler - Dried beans. We chose pinto beans to represent the soil.
  • Tools - Search your cupboards for tools that you already have on hand. Think measuring cups, spoons, funnels, easter eggs for scooping, etc. You can also lean into the theme and find kids' gardening tools at your fav online store (something like this) or see if you have a beach bucket/spade laying around. The handheld spade will work great.
  • Flower pots - Any pot will do, you can find colorful ones at your fav online store (something like this), or maybe you have some from when you planted your yard.
  • Fake flowers - Find them at your favorite online store or local hobby store. Feel free to pick some real flowers from your garden also.

How to:

Once you have all your items, put them all in your container. Let your kid explore. Remember, you are the best model for your child! Play, explore and learn right beside them.

Does your kid love sensory bins? Then check out our EVENT SCHEDULE for our next upcoming sensory bin playgroup.