Meet Adrienne : Safe2Ride

Tell us a little about yourself?

I have lived in the Huntsville area for a little over 20 years (seems crazy for me to say!) and am originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I have made Huntsville/Madison my home after having married my amazing husband, having 3 wonderful children, and establishing my career in Obstetrics & Parenting.

Nursing was always on my radar as a childhood dream, so in 2016 I made that dream a reality. Since graduating from Calhoun College I have worked and currently work as a Postpartum/Mother & Baby Nurse; a Labor, Delivery, and Recovery Nurse; a Relief Charge Nurse; and an Expectant-Parents Class Instructor.

In addition, I’ve obtained 3 certifications pertaining to my current field: Inpatient Obstetric Nursing, Electronic Fetal Monitoring, and Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician.

On top of the positions I currently hold, I also help train upcoming nurses & new employees, act as chair on a unit committee, provide continuing education to staff through in-person and virtual classes, give hospital maternity tours to expecting families, and lastly have started Safe2Ride as a local car seat resource to our Rocket City families!

Tell us a little about your business / what it specializes in?

My business Safe2Ride provides families and caregivers with the education and confidence they need to safely provide transportation for children of any age. Specializing in car seat safety and proper usage, the services I provide are Full Car Seat Installations, Car Seat Inspections, Quick Consultations, and hopefully in 2023 I will be adding classes!

Your favorite things about working with Rocket City families? What is your WHY? Why are you passionate about this field?

My favorite thing about working with Rocket City families is the diversity! The Huntsville area is growing quickly and I love that we have people from all over the world and all walks of life living here!

My Why and my Passion come from the nurturing portion of my heart. Obstetrics won my heart over many years ago and I cannot honestly see myself doing any other field of nursing. I’m there on some people’s best days and I’m there on some of their worst, being there for them regardless of their situation leaves my heart full at the end of the day. Transitioning into becoming a car seat technician and providing those services stemmed from working with families and realizing how confusing car seats were to most and also realizing that a lot of people didn’t understand the basics in car seat safety. Babies and children are so special and I couldn’t go any longer with them riding in unsafe manners. So after a couple of years of research, emails, and a certification course.. Safe2Ride was born.

You have 4 hours of babysitting what would you do with your time?

First, I would most likely go grab a hot coffee (or a glass of wine depending on the time of day)! Secondly, I’d love to go out and enjoy nature with good weather. Something as simple as sitting outside to hiking on any of North Alabama’s trails. Otherwise, I’d go shopping at either Hobby Lobby or some local thrift stores. I could make either of those last the full 4 hours haha!

Your fav spot to hangout in Huntsville?

I don’t have a ‘single’ favorite spot, there are so many great choices consisting of different activities and events. However, some of my favorite places to go in Huntsville are Lowe Mill, Standup Live, Campus 805 & Stovehouse, Downtown Huntsville’s eateries and shops, and Mid-City with one of my newest favs The Orion.

Best Contact details / way for people to reach out to you.

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IG - @safe_2_ride

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