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Meet Dr. Sha'Rose : Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! My name is Dr. Sha’Rose Erion, PT, DPT, owner and CEO of Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy. I’ll start by sharing that I am a Florida Girl, born and raised, am an avid Miami Dolphins fan, and love food of all kinds. Huntsville has been my home for four years and we love it here. We consists of me, my husband, and my two boys.

My education started at the University of South Florida in Tampa, where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree. My Doctor of Physical Therapy degree was achieved at the University of St. Augustine in Austin, TX. As I was in school, I realized general physical therapy was not enough for me. Once I had my first child, while in school, I knew pelvic health was the area that gave me passion and motivation. I have since continued my education in pelvic health and related areas with hundreds of hours of post graduate doctoral level continuing education.

Through my quest for education and in combination with my love for travel, spoiler alert, I have been able to adventure abroad and complete an internship in Queensland, Australia. While there for two months, I was able to truly understand running a practice, improving my hands on skills, and holding a few koalas.

To sum me up, I’m a woman that enjoys her family, some sunshine, and a hot plate of food.

Tell us a little about your practice / what it specializes in?

Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy is a pelvic health physical therapy clinic located in South Huntsville. We offer services in clinic, virtually, and in home or concierge.

We specialize in the treatment of any condition involving the pelvis, hips, low back, chest, or abdomen. We provide the affirming care you deserve as a woman, mom, or parent. Knowing that when you are our patient we will believe, validate, and provide the resources needed to improve your health.

Our favorite conditions to treat are incontinence, constipation, pregnancy, postpartum, mastitis/clogged ducts, and pain with sexual activity. We treat so much more than that and always encourage a consultation. If we can’t treat you, we always refer you to someone who can.

Of note, Rose Pelvic Physiotherapy is the only black, woman-owned pelvic physical therapy clinic in North Alabama. I’m searching and have yet to find another south of us.

What is your WHY?

Not being educated on my body with my first child, I was cleared to go back to normal activity by my OB. Normal activity included moving an apartment at 7 weeks postpartum up two flights of stairs. Luckily, I had wonderful physical therapists around me that advised me otherwise. These therapists, not even pelvic therapists, knew it was a bad idea. So, my why is the dysfunctional health system we have and the lack of people telling us the important things we need to know and consider for our bodies.

You have 4 hours of babysitting what would you do with your time?

Four hours! Well first I’d probably spend some time with my husband. Those interrupted hugs are priceless. That would only take 30 minutes. So, with 3.5 hours left I would take a quick nap. An hour and a half later, I’d be sitting in the sun on my porch reading a book, listening to my podcasts, or catching up on my shows while eating from a new restaurant in town.

Your fav spot to hangout in the Rocket City?

Hands down, Big Spring Park. Especially during the summer and fall seasons when they have the food truck rallies. It combines so many of my favorite things.

What's the best way for people to reach out to you?

Honestly, Instagram! I have so much fun creating content that is educational and funny. My IG handle: @Rosepelvicphysiotherapy

Now for the more traditional information. Our clinic location is:

600 Boulevard South SW, Suite 104

Huntsville, AL 35802

Website: www.rosepelvicphysio.com

Phone: (256) 705-3525

Email: sharose@rosepelvicphysio.com