Meet Kendall Hampton: RESTED Families

Tell us a little about yourself?

Hi! I’m Kendall Hampton. I was born and raised in Pensacola, FL and then attended The University of Alabama where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies. Before getting married, moving to Huntsville, and having children, I helped hospitalized children and their families as a Certified Child Life Specialist.

I was blessed to be stay-at-home mom for 10 years and later returned to the work force as a Parent Educator and Developmental Specialist. I helped caregivers of babies and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities through Alabama’s Early Intervention System. I coached parents in their homes to implement strategies into their daily routines that encouraged their child’s development and improved family functioning.

Many of the families I worked with were struggling with their children’s sleep challenges, so I pursued continuing education in behavioral sleep interventions to further help them. I eventually started a pediatric sleep consulting practice to provide more intensive sleep support to families.

Tell us a little about your practice / what it specializes in?

I founded RESTED Families, LLC to help families get the quality sleep they need for optimal health and well-being. I support parents to build their child's skills and confidence to fall asleep on their own at bedtime and if they wake before morning.

I collaborate with each family to help them create a personalized sleep plan that is loving, responsive, and effective. There is no need to resort to the cry-it-out sleep training method or suffer through sleep-deprivation waiting for a child to outgrow it. The drive to sleep is biological, but how we fall asleep is a learned behavior.

I advise parents on a variety of gradual and caring ways to teach independent sleep skills and support them to implement a plan that they are comfortable with and fits their parenting style and child’s temperament. Through coaching calls and daily text support, family's reach their sleep goals in just a few weeks.

I work with parents of children of all ages and abilities and specialize in addressing sleep challenges associated with autism, sensory differences, challenging behaviors, separation anxiety, and nighttime fears. I also advise expecting parents about newborn sleep shaping so that they can avoid the need for formal sleep training.

What is your WHY?

While working in the field of early intervention, I often witnessed the amazing developmental leaps that occurred once a child started getting quality sleep. I repeatedly saw the positive impact that being RESTED had on the entire family. I decided to focus on pediatric sleep consulting after realizing how crucial getting quality sleep is to children's development and the whole family’s health and well-being.

My passion also comes from personal parenting experience. I remember the exhaustion, frustration, and mental health challenges caused by my children's bedtime resistance and frequent nighttime waking. I thought that my only options were to let my baby cry-it-out (no way!), push through the interrupted nights, or bedshare. Now that I know that isn’t true, I don’t want other families to needlessly suffer like mine did!

I now have the knowledge to help families get out of sleep situations that aren’t serving them well. I feel compelled to use my expertise to help families go from surviving to thriving!

You have 4 hours of babysitting what would you do with your time?

It’s bittersweet to say that I no longer need babysitters. My youngest is 14 and isn’t needing her mom as much as she used too. I’m mainly the cook and chauffer these days, taking her to and from middle school and dance practice.

My first born is 19 and is attending the University of Alabama in Huntsville as a Freshman studying aerospace engineering and running on the cross country and track teams. So, he has flown from the nest.

In this new phase of parenting, I’m getting a lot more me-time which usually entails walking our Australian Shepherd puppy around our neighborhood and letting her run and explore the banks of the Flint River. I need to make more time for exercise/weights and would enjoy more self-care activities like occasional massages and retail-therapy!

My husband and I have more opportunities for quality time these days. We enjoy going on hikes, visiting local coffee shops, going out to dinner, and binging shows together. We dream of going on more vacations and exploring more of the world.

Your fav spot to hangout in the Rocket City?

The Rocket City is growing so much! It’s nice to be able to try out so many new restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, and retailers. Our most frequented spot is downtown Huntsville. We enjoy walking around the Twickenham Historic District, Big Spring Park, and the square, stopping in eateries and shops along the way.

What's the best way for people to reach out to you?

I’d love for you to visit my website https://restedfamilies.com to learn more about my sleep support options and schedule a complimentary consultation call to see if sleep coaching is a good fit for your family.

Please take advantage of my FREE resources too!

Also, feel free to reach out to Kendall@RestedFamilies.com or 256 852-REST (7378)