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Motivating Mom of the Month: Meet Nina

This month we are excited to highlight Nina as our Motivating Mom of the Month.Read on to hear her story.

Who you are Mom to?

I am mom to Leilani (3 yrs) and Jabali (8 months) and wife to Willis.

How you found us?

I was first introduced to FIT4MOM through my friend Jessica who was attending classes out in south Huntsville. I was living half way between the two branches so I would attend classes at both until we moved to Madison and I switched over to FIT4MOM Madison.

A few sentences about your FIT4MOM experience?

I love FIT4MOM because I can focus on my health while having my kiddos close by all the while setting a good example for them. The mamas I have met have been welcoming and encouraging. The instructors are out of this world! I love each and every one of them for how much heart and soul they pour into each class. They all bring something unique and always push me to be my best and encourage me to be better and do better. FIT4MOM truly is sisterhood, a cohort of women who will support and encourage you.

What you love about the classes?

I have taken classes when I have been at my fittest, pregnant, newly postpartum and I can say that I have received an awesome workout every time. It’s incredible that one class can cater to all levels of fitness at the same time. Whether I’m in need of a sweat dripping heart pumping workout or a slow pace with lots of stretching, I can get all that from any class.

How it has impacted you and your family?

FIT4MOM has in no uncertain terms impacted every phase and stage of my life. They say that pregnancy and motherhood can be isolating, even more so as an immigrant with family and friends thousands of miles away. I came looking to exercise with my child close by but received so much more than I ever expected. The advice and experiences for both me and my entire family have been immeasurable. Leilani has had her very first experiences with the Easter bunny, Halloween, strawberry picking, making lemonade, pumpkin patch and the list goes on. The moms I have interacted with over the years have always had a wealth of knowledge from advice on preschools and transitioning to a toddler bed to what OBGYN to pick and the best recipes. Besides all that I am guaranteed to leave any class with my spirits lifted after an awesome workout and lots of laughs. I love my village and can’t imagine going through the ups and downs of motherhood without my village of strong mamas.

Here's what the FIT4MOM Madison Team had to say about Nina:

Nina is the best! She’s kind, silly, and always up for a challenge. She always puts 100% into every workout. She’s a great mom and loves her friends hard!- Allison

My favorite thing about Nina is how real and friendly she is. I love her smile and energy she brings to every class. She may not say it, but she loves to work hard and feel the sweat. - Angie

She is so welcoming and is a cheerleader supporting other moms! - Kelli

Nina has the best sense of humor and is sure to bring fun and silliness to class, complete with dancing! This Mama pushes herself and is always looking for another Mama to encourage right alongside of her. -Kelly

Nina is a JOY to be around. She has the most infectious smile and spirit. She works hard in class, yet works even harder to make those around her feel uplifted. She is an amazing asset to our Village. -Rebecca