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Our top 6 chalk ideas

Chalk is an inexpensive tool to add to your mom toolbox. And it is a tool we use a LOT here at FIT4MOM Madison. Drawing with chalk and tracing body outlines is always fun, but sometimes you need a fresh idea before heading out to the driveway. Here are our top 5 chalk ideas to keep those kiddos reaching for chalk time and time again.

1. Chalk sand art- https://madison-al.fit4mom.com/blog/our-corner/chalk-art

2. Chalk obstacle course. We think it is fun to add hopscotch, twirls, jumping jacks, zigzags, or directions to march like an ant or hop like a bunny...the options are endless. And assuming rain isn't in the forecast, the obstacle course will last for days.

3. Chalk town. Do you have a kiddo that is car obsessed? Draw some roads and let them drive their cars all over town. Or maybe your kiddo is equally enamored with all vehicles? The town can include a farm for the tractor, airport for the airplane, train for the train tracks, and a helicopter for the hospital.

4. Letter Matching. We upped the ante by adding water balloons to this fun activity. Draw the letters of the alphabet in chalk. Fill water balloons and draw a letter on each balloon in permanent marker. We made multiple of each letter to make it fun. Expert advice ahead: might we recommend these water balloons...huge timesaver! Zuru Bunch O Balloons. Put the balloons in a big bucket and let your kiddo match the balloon letter to the chalk letter. Did they find the match? Then smash that water balloon on the correct letter. They will want to play again and again. We repeat, buy the aforementioned balloons.

5. Chalk Picture. Have you seen those detailed chalk scene pictures? You know, the ones where someone is lying down on the ground and it looks as if they are a part of the chalk scene? It's the chalk version of Sideways Scene from "Whose Line is it Anyway?". Draw some clouds and a giant balloon. Have your child lie down "holding" the balloon string. Take a photo. Viola! Now your kiddo is floating through the sky, being carried up, up, up by a giant balloon. It's magic!

6. Mosaic. Grab some painter's tape and stick it on the ground in the desired pattern for your mosaic. Color in all of the concrete spaces with chalk. Remove the tape and viola! You have your very own mosaic. The neighbors walking by will be so impressed.

Next time you head outside, grab your bucket of chalk and try one of these ideas. We'd love to see them. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook.