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'SUNS OUT' Essentials

Alabama Summer is here and we have a list of essentials to help you + your little one beat the heat!

For you:

1. Dress Smart. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and light sweat-wicking clothing. I live in my Athleta Mesh Racer Run shorts during the Summer. Check them out at Bridge Street Town Center the next time you are passing by.

2. Drink water before, during & after your workout. Bring plenty of water to class and pack a spare chilled bottle in your car for the ride home.

For your little ones:

1. Apply baby-friendly sunscreen. We love babybum, babyorganics , and supergoop.

2. Consider sunglasses, a hat (consider getting one with a chin strap so they can't pull it off), and breathable clothing.

3. A Stroller fan. There are some great options on Amazon. I personally use this product . Many options have clips to attach to the stroller and are rechargeable.

4. Cooling Towel/Liners. You can find cooling towels in most big brand stores. I use a liner called 'CoolCaboose' (unfortunately now discontinued) and it was a lifesaver last Summer.

5. Hydrate. Make sure your little one has plenty of liquid. For kids who can enjoy popsicles then pop a cooler in your car and give them an after class treat that hydrates and delights. Hands down they'll be begging to come to class next time for that frozen icy treat.

6. Park baby facing out the sun to give them a little shade and avoid covering the stroller/car carrier with a blanket/cloth. Read more on this topic here