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The perfect registry or baby shower items.

Need ideas for that perfect baby shower gift, or items to add to your baby registry? Check out this quick list of recommendations from the mamas in our Village.

We asked our Village what their favorite items were for a baby(s) first year. We then bundled it all together for you in this quick list of 0-1yr must-haves. This is not a paid advertisement for any of the products listed, just brands our mama's love + recommend.


  • Sound Machine

  • Glider. We love this product.

  • Blackout curtains

  • Red lightbulbs for your nursery lamps. Read more on why here.

  • Nose & Gas Frida. Great for snotty notes and gassy babies.

  • Boppy feeding pillow

  • Swing, bouncy seat, rocker

  • Haakaa. If you choose to breastfeed then check out a Haakaa. A silicone breastpump that collects letdown and expresses milk through gentle suction.


  • Romper Pj's with zippers. Trust us avoid the onsies with snaps. Your future self (who is changing your babe at 2 am) will thank you!

  • Velcro or Zipped swaddles make it easy to quickly swaddle your baby(s)


  • Baby carrier. Our mamas love ring slings & the TULA brand soft structured carrier. You can get fitted to determine the best carrier for you, we recommend visiting Acorn Treasures for a baby carrier fitting.

  • BOB Stroller

  • A portable newborn lounger; like the dockAtot or boppy lounger, makes for a great portable option to save you from packing a large travel crib.

For you

  • Amazon prime subscription. Get those wipes & diapers on a monthly subscription to save yourself a trip to the store.

  • TV streaming service like Netflix, Prime, or Hulu for some entertainment during those late night feedings.

  • A FIT4MOM Madison Membership.

  • Shipt subscription. Get groceries delivered to your door.

  • A 1-2 month cleaning service. Forget the housework for a few months.