WINTER weather essentials for Mama + babe

Winter Essentials for Stroller Classes

Winter Weather is here and we have a list of essentials to help you + your little one stay toasty.

  1. Hat & Gloves. I’m a messy bun kinda gal so I love a fleece-lined ear warmer/headband so I can stay warm during class, but I can also rock my mom bun. I also love a fleece gaiter as an easy pull-on option to keep your neck warm and save space in your diaper bag. Plus, fingerless gloves make it easy to open up snacks. For babies/toddlers, try mittens to save yourself the frustration of trying to line up the finger openings, and a hat with a tie on the bottom so it can’t get pulled off by curious hands.

  2. Blankets. Have a spare blanket that stays in your car that you can put over your little one(s) knees in the stroller during class. I've even seen some moms put microwavable hand warmers in the stroller with their little one(s).

  3. Sun Protection. Even though it’s cold don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen and sunglasses for those bright but brisk days.

  4. Layers. As we get moving you will warm up and you'll want the option to remove/add layers. Wear sweat-wicking layers as a base layer and add layers from there. Consider fleece-lined leggings if you really feel the cold.

  5. Stay hydrated!

  6. Lotion and lip balm. I keep some in my car so I can quickly apply to help with dry hands and chapped lips from the cold before & after class.

Pack up these essentials and come join us for a class. Our stroller classes are held outdoors, but in the event of a feels-like temperature of 45 degrees (or lower) we move to our indoor location.